Prayer for Blessing

 °ßPrayer for Blessing°® is absolutely not a superstition; we cannot use four apples to trade a winning lottery ticket.  The role of the blessing is through making offering and sustaining to Triple Gems (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha), then get the blessing and protection so as to encourage us to practice with diligence; offering and sustaining together with our cultivation we can form our own good-karma cause, plus a good condition, we will obtained good results. 

Must we not only offer to Triple Gems, for the other hand, almsgiving our helps to the poor, disables and oldies, and neglect cultivation, or do we just practice without offering.  So the combination of offering and practice is like a pair of legs, we cannot dance with one leg, so °ßPrayer for Blessing°® is the union of offering and cultivation. 

Traditional monasteries organize Blessing Ceremony in the beginning and at the end of the year, we should bear in mind that the blessing is not only for oneself, the blessings rather are for the comfort of all beings.  We firstly pray for all beings are joyfully covered by Buddha°¶s light, as well as Dharma remains for good.  Secondly we pray for the world°¶s peace as well as our community in pleasure and harmony.  Finally to ourselves and our family be always in cheerful joy of Dharma as well as healthy and wealthy.  Remember the best blessing is for all beings because we definitely are among them.


Why invite a Lama to officiate a puja?

Lamas and monks are part of Sangha formed together in harmony, who rely on rules, pure compartment and precepts stern. Step by step they follow Buddha°¶s footprints and deeply drown in the treasury of Dharma.

Their cultivation keep Buddha°¶s light burning, their solid faith keep the lineage prolong endlessly. As our spiritual teachers, they being the elites of well-abiding practices and significantly advocate the percepts are the right ones upon our missionary needs.

In time, you come across longing for a prayer or puja, for yourselves, family or friend, don°¶t hesitate go to monastery interview with your Lama, honestly require one. You will fulfill with Dharma joy. Somehow, from time to time Monastery will organize prayer practices and pujas, place your names and join the ritual services. Your shares will be within the merits and virtues accumulated.

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Beseeching Puja/Services (Subject to Lama's decision) °@

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